Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who does # 2 work for???

The task at hand on Saturday morning was daunting, or at least it seemed to be. Go out children, go out and run 20 miles, that's what they told us to do. So what did I do? I went out and took a big dump all over those 20 miles, that's right. And then I said deal with it! Ok sorry, that was disgusting, I appologize, all I was trying to say is I had a great run, and so did Bonnie. That was gross and there will be no more talk of poo, I promise, well, at least not my poo. But everybody does poo you know.

Ok, now that we have that all cleared up, let's talk about the run. Saturday again provided picture perfect temperatures and you couldn't ask for better weather to take on a 20 miler. It was about 65-68 degrees, gorgeous. Bonnie & I hadn't run at all in the last 2 weeks by the way, we've been kind of busy. We did get an 80 minute run in on Thursday though, and it was a nightmare run by the way, but we got it out of our systems. We needed to get the junk out so to speak, and in Bonnie's case on Saturday, literally. Poor Bonnie has been nicknamed "inoppurtune pooer". The last few times we have had long runs, Bonnie's stomach starts going haywire right before we run, or just as we are pulling out of the driveway type of stuff, poor kid. We will be ready ro run and Bon just gives me that look, and it's the "inopportune poo look", and I know it well. Neil, it was the same you look you used to give me outside Ernie's Lunch on the way to school as kids, I know this look. So anyways, poor Bonnie had to make 4 different trips to the latrine along the way, which sucks. I am joking about this bc that is what we runners do, in our "running world", we really yuk it up big time about the inopportune poos...

All joking aside, we both had phenomenal runs, we couldn't have been happier. As were coming into our mile 17 aid station, we were feeling unbelievable, and miles 10-17 were pretty hilly. So Bon had some stomach issues, and my only issue was my legs were really sore, the sorest they have been all season. But the only reason I was so sore is bc I hadn't run in almost 2 full weeks, so that was no concern. At around mile 17 we were realizing how great our breathing was, we weren't winded, at all. So as we came off the big hill of Terwilliger, we are so pumped! It was great bc we kept getting each other pumped up about how great our runs were going, good ol' husband & wife teamwork ya know.

So mile 18 or so we are coming up to some train tracks and this long freight train is about to come through. And the last thing you want to do when you are that close to finishing a run is to stop, you will tighten up within seconds. So we are approaching the tracks and we hear "ding ding ding ding". We are now both sprinting, which is no fun at mile 18. We beat the train by about 10 seconds and otherwise, we would have been stuck there for over 5 minutes, unacceptable. I remember thinking if it were me, solo, and I got stuck, I'd consider walking over it, it's not really going that fast.

We ended our run sprinting, of course, like we always do. And John's GPS said we ran 20.8, can't argue with that. So our marathon is in San Diego in 3 weeks, we hope to see anyone and everyone while we are there. Details on that to follow, and thanks for reading.



jeannette said...

Ca-Ca-Poo-Poo !!!!!!

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