Saturday, March 29, 2008


In honor of the beloved Eminem, we did the 8 mile baby!

This last Saturdays run was a little shorter than last weeks run, and a heck of a lot easier. Last week was the Shamrock at 9.3 miles, this week was another 8 mile run. (I believe our third 8 mile run)It's funny because I am starting to not mind running 8 miles, because I know what is to come. And I was not at the Pub the night before, so I must be learning. Bon and I ran part of the way with Bonnie's new friend with TNT, Cassie. She is a total sweetheart. Her dad passed away just last May of cancer too, May 10th to be exact. So sad, I think he had brain cancer.But Bon kicked butt again, she just rocks it. I did alright, second half was tough for me to get in the rhythm. Sometimes it's there, and sometimes it just ain't.

I am realizing how mental running is, you have to convince yourself that the run is not that bad often, or at least I do. I guess the trick is to get good enough where you don't have to lie to yourself. Thanks for reading, whomever is reading, comments welcome...Next week Bonnie and I take on our first 12 mile endeavor, whoa mama!