Monday, August 16, 2010

Put one more on the docket...

Portland has this absolutely incredible relay race, it's called Hood 2 Coast, and Bonnie & I are doing it this year! The only difference is I'm not 3 months preggers, and she is. It is the last weekend of August, and we are both very excited about it. Our history on this particular run is 2 years ago, Bonnie took a pregnancy test 15 minutes before a van came to pick her up for her first Hood 2 Coast endeavor. Well it was a go of course, as we have our awesome little Taylor Kate. That year Bonnie ran it and I met her down at the coast of Oregon and we celebrated big time. This year we both get to run it together, and of course Bonnie is el preggers again, classic!

So the race is next weekend, the last weekend in August. Relay teams from all around the world participate in this race, as it is a very popular run. And it's extremely difficult to even get on a team, so we really lucked out this year. Bonnie's soccer mate's husband needed some people, so we jumped at the chance. Kind of funny too because I have the hardest leg out of the 12 of us, perfect. The funny thing is Bonnie's leg is the one right in front of mine, so wifey gets to pass me the torch. We have no say in this matter with what legs we run, it is what it is.

There are 12 people on each team, so there are two vans of 6 people in each. We run from Mt Hood to the Oregon Coast. Each runner runs 3 legs, totalling about 17 miles. My training up until now has mostly been my soccer leagues, but I need to run more. That's it for now, cheers!