Monday, September 1, 2008

Let's move to Portland and make some babies!

Who knew that when I spoke these words to Bonnie, the first time I mentioned I wanted to move to Portland, that they would be taken so literally? Not me. Seriously the first time I told Bonnie I wanted to move to Portland, those were the exact words I said to her. And here we are 8 months later and we can officially say we moved to Portland and we are going to have a baby! Careful what you wish for eh Sully?

We have a "bun in the oven"
Bonnie is El Preggers
My boys can swim
Bonnie is knocked up
Bonnie is "eating for two"

You see where this is going. We just found out on August 22nd, on good ol' Tim McLoughlin's birthday! Happy bday Timmy! We are 6 weeks under way, well 7 now. We had our first ultra sound last week at 6 weeks, and it changed my life. Seeing your baby on the monitor for the first time, as I am sure all you first time parents know, is nothing short of mind blowing! You now KNOW you are pregnant. The baby is the size of a grain of rice, but has this amazing little heart beat that could bring the toughest of guys to their knees. We were not trying, we just got lucky. And I love thinking Big Neil may have played a hand in this. This was meant to be for us.

I feel very blessed. That 24 hours after first finding out I was going to be a dad, was the greatest 24 hours of my life, aside from the day I met Bonnie. We are both extremely excited and maybe a bit nervous.

Are we going to find out the sex of the baby? We have not decided, but funny thing is Bonnie swears it's a boy, I concur. I think we are leaning towards finding out, it might kill me to know I could know and don't. People are asking us what we would prefer, and I think we would both love to have a boy first, but we will both be very, very excited to have a baby girl as well. We will be stoked for different reasons for either, just a healthy baby please. I come from a family of four boys, I have always dreamed of having my daddy's little girl, so we shall see.

Anyways, I wanted to share this with everyone. Our due date is April 19th.
I wish I could have called and personally told everyone who reads these blogs the news, but there are not enough hours in the day. And on that note, I am still planning on calling everyone from donating for the marathon. Sorry it has taken me so long. I changed phones and I have not re-entered everyone's phone numbers. No sim in my phone, so it takes so damn long to do them all manually. I may need some of your phone numbers as well, but I will let you know if I do. I will call at some point, hopefully sooner than later, unless I have already seen you in person and thanked you.

Anyways, I hope everyone reading this is doing great, Bonnie and I sure are. Cheers!