Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Haircut

So I figure if I have something meaningful or kinda funny to share, then why not.
So I go to get my haircut the other day, and the funniest thing happens to me. But for it to be funny to anyone else, allow me to tell you where I go, and who cuts my hair.

When I first moved out here and needed a haircut, I googled hair salons in portland, anywhere near my house. Supercuts in el cajon has runied any chance of me ever going to one of those places again, thanks. So it's strictly salons now. So that day, I find a place kinda close by and it's called LA Hair, and they were accepting new clients, so I make an appt. I go and it is this lovely Asian couple that run the salon. She is a super nice woman and her husband is Tom. And the wife is just Tom's wife unfortunately. And they are both such nice people.

That first day Tom cuts my hair. It was kinda weird at first, but then I was ok with it, although a 50 year old asian man had never cut my hair before. But no big deal, it's 2008, and guess what? The guy is a SURGEON! I mean no joke with the scissors. He would give Louie Volpa a hell of a run...

Now to the other day. I walk in there, no appt, bc they are just never busy. But this is my first drop in on them. Of course I walk in and no one is in there.
THAT'S WHY I CAN DO THE DROP IN THERE! So I walk in and Tom is eating some heated up lunch (looked like lasagna), and Tom's wife is watching TV, and watching Tom eat. So she greets me in the usual very welconing way, which is always appreciated. I mean she is so stoked when I walk in, big time. Probably bc it's only me and some other lady as their clients. Then Tom walks out of the room with his lunch and the wifey says:
"please sit down Shin", so I do. We catch up in like 3 seconds, and I am now looking for my man Tom. She notices and says:

"Shin, is it ok if Tom cut your hair in fifteen minute after he finish his lunch?"

I say "huh?". Is she serious?

She repeats, I heard her. I say no. I tell her I am leaving for a job interview up in Seattle when I leave there. (the truth)

She asks when am I leaving? Like let's see if I can work around Tom's lunch. Like if I said in a few hours, she was going to say "c'mon shin, please let Tom eat..." I tell her right when I get out of there is when I am leaving. She says, oh, ok. She says she will tell him to hurry. She walks over to the back room and says something to Tom, still hiding and eating. I am pissed I can't see him now, just her talking to him.

She comes back and sits down with me in the waiting area, with the crappy tv in front of us, blinking up and down every other second. The daily news is on. We both sit and I am now realizing that I am in an empty hair salon and my haircutter is making me wait why he eats his lunch, and I ma getting a headache watching the news. The wifey and I are watching their terrible tv screen blur up and down for like 5 minutes, and it felt like 10. But we had to wait til Tom was done eating. I literally was staring down where Tom was eating to make her uncomfortable. She eventually sensed it and walked to the back again. She got Tom to either finish or put the lasagna down. He came out and crushed it on my noodle like he always does. Tom is very much still the man, and despite all of this, I will be going back. I hope this did not offend anyone, that was not my intention, just a funny story I thought. And without the exact play by play, this story is just not that funny right? Later


Oh and Bonnie sent out the pics from our marathon, I am sure a lot of you received them, but here is the link if you didn't. I think this will work, but if not, please let me know. Cheers!