Sunday, April 18, 2010

16 Miles, whadda' you get?

Some real sore legs and a puddle of sweat. So another milestone knocked out for the kids yesterday and this one really felt good. John was back in town so it was nice to have my running mate back with me. And Bonnie ran with Tyler again, and they knocked it right out of the park. Bonnie's really hit her stride, and it's great to see.

Another Saturday, and another perfect weather day. The running Gods smiled upon us again. The route was NW Portland and it was good because the route was all mixed up, some trails, neighborhoods, cool areas with shops. John and I kept commenting on how much we were enjoying the route. I felt great, right out the gates. I have this new mindset with my pre-run preparations on Friday night. I am anticipating these long runs, as I am realizing how amazing these weekly accomplishments are, especially for guys like John and I. We are not runners, in that, we run when we have trained for these marathons. In the 2 years since I ran my last marathon, I have run on my own less than 5 times. So when we go out and knock out these long runs, I am absolutely pumped. I knew this week would be my first ice bath, and I actually was happily anticipating it often during my run. And let me tell you, it was everything I hoped it would be. It is unbelievable how much those help.

So John and I finished our run with Jan, and those two both have a gps, and they both had us at 14 miles, two short of our goal. The Coaches thought they could have lost their gps signal in the park, we weren't sure, so we made our way out, to go run two more. Two miles, just 8 laps around the track. It is crazy how little that distance can feel like, and how long it can feel like. It was a very long 2 miles to say the least, but we both finished strong.

The attached picture is of John, Bonnie, myself, and my nip guard band aids. The band aids are a unique brand, they are pink Hello Kitty band aids, compliments of Coach Karl, thanks Coach, they are just so manly...But no bloody nipples for this kid. So in summary, it was a great run, my best long run of the season. We all krushed it. The marathon is less than two months away, so from now on, it's all about nip guards and ice baths baby! Aren't you jealous? Thanks for reading.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Guess who's back???

Let me begin by telling you it is not the wingnut in this photo that's back. And don't you just look great after a nice 15 mile run? It's funny, I bet you had no idea Bonnie was gone, but she was, kind of. For most people, running like Bonnie when she is "off" is running great, it's what I have been doing. And that kind of sums it up though doesn't it? I don't run with Bonnie!!! You all knew this, and yet no one said anything to me? Todd, anyone? I thought we were friends. I started thinking I could hang with the big boys and you all didn't say a word? Not one reply post of:

"Yeah Sean, good job running with Bonnie while she takes running siesta"
"Nice Sean, what's that, you beat Bonnie? Ohhhh, so right at the end you sprinted faster? Wow, awesome dude".

That's all fine and good, I was not completely naive to think I was a Bonner; a runner and Bonnie in one. But I will say it has been great running with her the last few weeks, it just doesn't happen often enough. And on Saturday, for the first time this year ladies and gents, Bonnie was on FIRE! Nearly perfect, well it was a perfect run for her, so yeah, it was perfect. She Krushed it Karl! Nothing is better than taking on your longest run, and making it your best run. Our girl kicked butt.

As for my run, it was interesting. 15 miles baby, no joke. We started at our coffee shop spot, perfect weather. Bonnie makes her way out the gates with Tyler, total stud runner, she's fast. And it was cool because I remember thinking, this will be perfect for Bonnie. She has been due to crush a run. But it's not like she has a lot going on or anything...I am running behind her with Marianne, and my run is going fine. Not great, not bad, it was just fine. Like you are floating in the ocean, and there's no sharks around, or at least you don't think there are.

So I start this game in my head of "how long can I run and still see Bonnie". Miles 1-10 were good, I could see her most of the time. Then at around mile 7, my left contact lense is driving me nuts. This goes on for about 5 annoying minutes, so I say adios. You only technically need one anyways. Bonnie and Tyler started waiting for me at the aid stations, and I kinda knew it, but I wasn't complaining. I ran solo pretty much. Sometimes you just wanna run alone, today I did. So around mile 9, my RIGHT contact starts bothering me. So I tried rubbing it and I knocked it out of my eye. I stop running and I see it on my finger, even though it's windy. I know I have one shot at this, and as I raise it, it blows away. I have no more contatcs. I swear I couldn't make this shit up.

Now this should not be that big of a deal, but "I can't see so good..." And it's so fun squinting as you are running long distance with sweat in your eyes, just to read street names linked to your routes, while running solo...At around mile 12 my right foot starts KILLING me. I am wearing brand new shoes for the first time. Every Keith Byars step I took at this point killed. So I drop to the curb, the shoe's gotta come off. I have never removed my shoe mid run before. You hope to never have to. I rub it and loosen the laces, and it was better, I could run again. The last aid station is at mile 13.25, but I know I will not see Bonnie at this last one, I was so far behind them now, and then I see her purple shirt ahead in front of me! I actually sprinted to the aid station, I was so pumped to see her after what just happened. I was really hoping to see her, and she was there waiting for me, of course. I ran with them for 30 seconds and said see you at the finish. So we finished the run in one piece, with a lot of help, our aid station workers ruled! I came into the parkling lot with guns in the air, like I just won a marathon. I was pumped to knock this one out. And my buddy Mike the cop knocked out his first 15 miler, on an ankle that looks like a grapefruit, unreal. Thanks for reading guys!


Thursday, April 1, 2010


Usually our Wednesday night endurance runs are not that exciting, but this one was. About a month ago, a girl named Shannon came and spoke to us before one of our Saturday runs. She talked to us about her special friend Natasha, a little girl she got matched up with through the Children's Cancer Association. Natasha lost her fight to cancer. Shannon was so touched by this little girl Natasha that she decided to run a marathon distance (26.2 miles) for her, after work on Wednesday. Imagine that, imagine running a marathons distance in the evening in someone's honor. These are the types of people we are blessed to interact with. So during our endurance run through downtown Portland, our Coaches made sure we met up with her along her route so that we all got to run with her for a bit. It was awesome, and we got to see Natasha's mom and other TNT people/friends rooting Shannon on while we ran with her for a bit, very emotional to say the least. I wondered what Shannon's water cooler chat was like on Thursday. I imagine it being something like this:

Shannon: "Hey Tina, how was your night last night?"
Tina: "Oh it was good, I made some dinner and watched Modern Family. How about you Shannon?"
Shannon: "Well I got out of here and went and ripped off a personal marathon around Portland."

Are you kidding me???

So my actual training on this night was just go run 6 miles, and again, I ran with "the fast kids", but this run got interesting for me about halfway though. I pushed myself on this run harder than I have on any previous run. I thought I just wanted to push myself, but I realize now, as I type this blog that I did it because I was inspired, inspired by Shannon. Oh and just to set the scene, I had this sharp, sucky pain in my side as soon I started running, probably bc I didn't drink enough water, and that pain never went away during my run, awesome. And then, at around mile 3, I find myself running next to Maryann, the fastest girl we train with. You have to see this girl run, it is beyond effortless, and beyond impressive. And before I knew it, her and I were pulling away from Bonnie and the gang. And then we pulled even further away , and there was no letting up now, so I said what the fu*#. I knew we had about 2.5 miles to go, and I just hauled ass with her for the rest of the run. I was one level away from sprinting, and before I knew it, we were easily running an 8 minute mile speed, probably faster, and we were conversing! Well, I conversed and sucked wind while Maryann casually conversed and trotted along. And at one point, she even tells me that I am pushing her, I couldn't believe it, nor could I believe I was still keeping up with her. And I almost finished the run with her, but I was either going to throw up or pass out, so I slowed down right at the end. Oh the things we do for the cause.

Saturday's run (our long run) started off rough, weather-wise. It was raining pretty good and it was just raw as hell. We have been so lucky on our long runs, so I knew this day would come. But it was a fall back day, so we were only running 10 miles, last week we ran 12. I love that I am already saying "only 10 miles". Bon and I said we would run together, nice and slow. I was committed to that cause. We have both pushed pretty hard on our long runs up until now, so I LOVED taking this one easy. And I have to say, it was an easy 10. It seems like such an oxymoron but sometimes you have these good runs, you wish they were all this good. And Bonnie and I got to run with this great couple Mike and Kelly. Mike is a cop, and he and Kelly are running the San Diego marathon with us in June. I got to find out why they signed up for TNT. Mike lost one of his fellow cops/friends on the job to cancer, and they are both running in his honor. It is amazing what these people we train with do to themselves for other people. The time this training takes out of your lives is unprecedented, and what it does to your body is mind blowing. The aches and the pains are all worth it though when you have a purpose. But the ones that really blow me away are the ones that are training with us and are raising thousands of dollars just because they are amazing people. Happy Easter everyone, and thanks for reading.

And by the way, we are a country mile away from our fundraising goal, so if anyone feels inspired to help by donating a small amount, please do so. Thanks!