Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It’s pretty funny the different times I am watching American Idol and I realize one of the reasons this show is as successful as it is, these people are crazy. I mean wow. I watch the show, I admit it, big deal, 1/3 of the rest of the country does too. American Idol gets these people to come try out and then we all get to sit at watch them show how nuts some of them are.

So I was just in Dallas, TX and Bonnie's good friend Carla was there, and she always asks for a blog, so here ya go, this one is for you darling. Bonnie is doing great, and April 18th is the due date, almost 2 months away. We have decided on names, and seeing as we are not finding out the sex, we are not holding back on the names:

If it is a boy, he will be named Jack Cornelius Sullivan. He will be named after my grandfathers, and his grandfather as well, Big Neil.
If we are blessed with a daughter, she will be named Alexandra Kate Sullivan. Bonnie and I just love Alex for a girl.

So I have noticed when you tell people you are not finding out the sex, you can get some interesting reactions. For all you parents reading, I’m sure you were asked the million-dollar question a ton as well:

“Do you know what you are having?”

And then we say, “nope, we’re not finding out.”

You would not believe the reactions! I will say to the people that are not parents yet, who swear they have to know, you should at least consider the latter. Keep in mind I am only saying what I know, but it has been pretty fun for us guessing. I said I would never want to know and Bonnie was kinda leaning towards finding out, which was good for us because we knew we would be talking openly about both options. We are both glad we are not finding out.

I had a lot of cousins growing up, and my cousin Brian was a few years older than me. In my family with cousins, the cousins kind of paired up according to age. Well, I paired up with Brian, he let me. Brian and his wife Lisa have 5 lovely children. Guess how many they found out the sex on? None.Four girls and a cool little dude name Jack. Brian, I love that name Jack by the way...So when I said on a blog we were considering finding out the sex , Brian emailed me and said "you are going to get a lot of advice from a lot of people when you are having a baby, so I mine as well give you mine: don't find out."

I find myself telling the story often of you and Lisa not finding out the sex with all five when this topic arises. And for your information, you guys are almost famous out here on the west coast, very cool. People almost fall over when I tell them. And then I always follow with how Neil and Jess have never found out on their two and will not on their third coming at the same time as us. Is not finding out making a comeback?

I hope everyone reading this is doing great. We miss all of you guys. Cheers.