Sunday, December 14, 2008

What's new in Portland...

So I am trimming my beard the other night, and I don't see a ton of trimmings in the sink, huh. Then I look down and see the hairs of my beard resting peacefully on my belly, ouch. So in case anyone was wondering how much I've been running, or just how good of shape I am in since the marathon, there's your answer. Yeah I am pretty much at my fattest weight ever. But I'm still under 200, for now..So with the pregnancy, supposedly it's a whole thing where the guy puts on weight with the mom, ya know to make her feel better about her weight gain. Yeah, that's what I've been doing...

On a serious note, I am very happy to report that our lovely Bonnie is doing awesome. She is very lucky, and grateful. And speaking of being grateful, I am very happy to report all tests have come back fine with the baby thus far. And Bonnie is officially showing!!! So funny, she was getting a little perturbed that at like the 5 month mark, she was still not showing. She has a little poochy, nothing too crazy, yet. I hear the last few months of the pregnancy fly by, so here we go. We are now just under the 6 month mark. They say the baby is fully developed and is just growing now. By the way, I love saying “we” are pregnant. As if I am carrying a little bambino inside of me too. Not the case. But on that note, “we” are due on April 18th. I plan on frolicking and doing the no pants dance for at least part of that day. We are not finding out the sex which has both of us so excited and constantly guessing. I think her insane running kick she was on this summer has helped her out a bunch. We had our 3rd ultrasound recently, these things are like crack. You cannot get enough of these things. I am sure the baby would love that analogy.

So I finally got engaged, God it took her long enough….But man it was worth the wait. I totally said yes! I took Bonnie for a nice get away weekend down to Bend, OR and did the old “knee-dance”. It was cool, she had no idea, which was my biggest concern. We went for a Mt bike ride through this cool park and we pulled over and I finally got her to put her bike down after asking her to like five or six times. I swear at one point I almost grabbed the damn bike and threw it on the ground. That would have gone over smooth I’m sure…I had my bottle of expensive (ha) champagne in my backpack ready to go. I tried to buy non-alcoholic before I left but I guess who bothers to drink that? Well no one is making it, at least not out here in alcy-ville. It was funny bc I popped it out after she said yes, and Bonnie was like “well I guess you have to drink the whole bottle now, I'm pregnant”. The cork went flying off and probably killed a deer when I popped it. So we sipped and dumped, and then I just tossed the empty bottle out into the woods...I am kidding, we smashed it off a rock by the

On a different note, Bonnie, the dogs and myself, and most likely the baby are moving back to Boston. I guess we just want to see how much or little the baby actually cries at night...jk. But seriously, it is just “back” to Boston for me, but I think Bonnie is ready to take on the Bostonian ways. I have been teaching her to use her horn when she drives to get ready. We do not have any set date for the move, but we are for sure having the baby here in Portland. Tentatively I guess we think the end of next summer or early fall is when we would like to move.

It was a tough decision to make seeing as neither one of us are from Portland. The main deciding factor for us was that if we are moving mostly bc we are having the baby, we should keep the baby’s best interests at heart. With Thomas James and Sophia both being so young, he/she will have cousins to grow up with as kids. And the fact that Neil and Jessica are just baby making machines and are now having their THIRD baby, how couldn't we be back there? And Jess is due now officially ONE WEEK AFTER US!!! Are you kidding me??? It feels like a sign. These little rugrats could come popping out on the same day, unreal.

I really don’t have too much more to report at this time. Oh actually, Bonnie and I had our first official adult snow day today, and we only had 4 inches, and it was all last night. Man, we didn't even get a day off of school back home unless we had 6 inches the morning of....We miss all you guys and we hope to see you all soon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone reading from Bonnie and I, Cheers!